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Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

"A goal of a Loreto school is to initiate the students into an experience of life-long self directed learning"

Continuing the Journey , A Loreto Education

At Loreto we place our students at the centre of the learning experience, we believe in the education of the whole person and nurture our students to grow as critical thinkers, leaders, models of kindness, justice, freedom, truth, sincerity and joy.

We believe that each student is unique and their learning experience will also be unique to them. Our pedagogy and approach to teaching and learning is modeled on best practice and informed by DES policy and practice.

Our committed staff are involved in various fields of study and research, bringing about collaborations with other second level schools, universities and academic organisations. These collaborations enhance the modern learning experience of teachers and students in Loreto. Our practice and philosophy is captured in our Loreto "Continuing the Journey" the "Loreto Kolkata Guidelines" and the Mary Ward Compass.

The words of our foundress Mary Ward "Women in time will come to do much" reflect the potential we see in all of our students.

May 24
TY End of Year Ceremony
May 27
Summer House Exams
May 28
3rd year Parent Information Meeting
Jun 05
State Exams commence
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