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SET (Special Education Teaching)

SET (Special Education Teaching)

Inclusion of all students is central to our ethos in Loreto. Our teaching, our practices and our policies reflect this throughout school life. Our aim is to give every student the opportunity to achieve her full potential while experiencing a positive, empowering and happy learning environment.

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Please click here for LORETO NAVAN SET WEBSITE

For a list of SET services and websites to support students/ parents/ guardians please click here.

Our Special Education Teaching and Inclusion Policy is available here.

Special Education Teaching Department

SET Coordinators: Hannah Clarke, Eileen Lawlor, Rachel Munnelly

SNA: Allana Nugent

SET Supports

Based on identified needs, we include the following as part of our targeted student supports

  • In class support - Various models of Team Teaching & Co-Teaching
  • Differentiated teaching
  • Accelerated Reader Programme
  • Paired reading - TYs & 1st years & 2nd years
  • Small group support
  • Individual support
  • Assistive technology - As a G-Suite school there are aspects of this software that support SET and students needs.
  • Quiet Room - for specific students
  • Reading pens - We have a small number of C-pens (which are acceptable for use in State and house exams) & a Dictionary Pen

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The C-Pen exam Reader Click here to see a short video of the C-Pen Exam, Reader

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Click to see a short video of the Dictionary Pen

The Continuum of Support

The guidelines as outlined by the Department of Education and Skills in structuring our Special Education Teaching in Loreto ensure we can identify student needs and meet them in a targeted and planned way though the Continuum of Support. This system involves gathering information, testing, planning ways of specific and targeted interventions to help and reviewing progress.

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Identification of Need

Identification of educational need is central to the new model of SET. Using the Continuum of Support framework, schools can identify students’ educational needs, to include academic, social and emotional needs, as well as needs associated with physical, sensory, language and communication difficulties.

Many students will have their special educational needs identified prior to their transfer to Loreto. We rely on the National Schools Passport, and information provided by parents /guardians to begin the process for a student starting with us.

This allows us to begin to plan and to ensure continuity and progression in the students’ education. Reports are welcomed from relevant professionals if parents would like to submit them.

At Loreto, all incoming students complete CAT-4 testing (Cognitive Ability Testing). This also helps to identify students that will need additional support, intervention and differentiation.

If a parent or guardian suspects that there may be a learning need, they should contact the SET Coordinator or Year-Head or Deputy Principal. The student will then be referred to the SET team who will investigate and monitor the student’s progress. Good communication with the school will help to identify additional educational needs as early as possible. We work as a team with parents and students.

It is important to us that we can put all of the information we gather together to get the full picture of your child's specific learning needs, so that we can help them to fully enjoy school life, learning and achieve their full potential.

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