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Senior Cycle

Loreto St Michael's offers Senior Cycle - the traditional Leaving Certificate Programme. In order to help our students make the most informed decision about subject choice for Senior Cycle, we run the following programme of events to help them.

  1. Senior Cycle Booklet on subjects issued to students in 3rd year and TY and also to parents/guardians - Senior Cycle Subject Choice 2022 - 2023
  2. Student Representative Council organise a "Subject Forum" at lunchtime, where 3rd and TY students can speak to 6th year students about their chosen subjects
  3. Guidance Counsellor and Deputy Principal meet with 3rd year and TY students and go through the process for choosing subjects and give advice on subject choice
  4. Parent Information Evening Meeting is held for all 3rd year and TY parents/guardians
  5. Students are advised to speak with teachers if they have any specific questions around subject content and are also invited to speak with the Guidance Counsellor and/or Deputy Principal
  6. Students are asked to choose their subject preferences online via VS Ware

608b30_84f76f2085b44846951b422ed47d9378_mv2.jpgAt Senior Cycle students will study:

Core Subjects:
English, Irish and Maths
Religion, PE and Computers

Option Subjects:

Design & Communications Graphics
Home Economics

In September 2022 we are hoping to offer 3 new subjects - Agricultural Science, Politics and Society and Physical Education.

Agricultural Science

Politics & Society

Physical Education

Applied Maths is also available as an optional extra, outside the timetable. If your daughter chooses to do Applied Maths, it is an extra subject in addition to the 7 she will take at school.

Senior Cycle STEM & Social Science.pdf

Senior Cycle Social Studies subjects.pdf

Senior Cycle Business subjects.pdf

Senior Cycle Languages.pdf

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