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Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice

We use Restorative Justice as the cornerstone of our anti-bullying approach and policy.

Restorative practices restore the quality of relationships we have. Using this approach we can both avoid and minimise conflict and help us to manage it better when it does arrive. The intention is to develop a culture of care and respect that allows people to flourish in positive relationships based on mutual respect and care.

Restorative Practice uses the restorative values and moves us away from blame and attack, and instead seeks to focus the individuals on self reflection and trying to find a pathway through their issues that are empathetic.

Responsibility and personal reflection, emotional regulation and understanding help students to develop their emotional intelligence and move to a place of positive relationships.

Please click here to see a copy of our Anti-Bullying Policy

Please click here to see an overview of our actions when dealing with alleged bullying in a restorative manner.

Please click here to see the NEPS (National Educational Psychological Service) recommendations on Restorative Justice in schools.

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