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Reading Lists Summer 2020

Top Tips to Encourage Teen Reading!

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  1. Make time for reading - block off some quiet time everyday to read. It might be before bedtime, or in the afternoon, whatever suits your house.
  2. Model reading - Read at home where your daughter can see you. Talk about your reading, recommend books you have enjoyed when you were your daughter's age.
  3. Merge books and film - there are a lot of young adult fiction adaptations that are also films, suggest reading the book then watching the film!
  4. Audio books - these are a great way to promote reading. Choose an audio book for a long drive, and in fact audio books are free from your local library.
  5. Join the local library - if you are not already a member!
  6. Give the gift of reading - buy your daughter a book! Choose a topic or type of book she might enjoy. Graphic novels, biographies, science fiction, a magazine - these are all reading!

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