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Guidelines for Remote Learning

Recommendations for Students during the School Closure

Thursday, 12 March, 2020

  • Approach each day of closure through the lens of your regular class timetable. On a given school day if you have Maths first period for a single, then you should try to devote 40 minutes to maths at the start of your home study. You should then follow that time with the subject you would regularly have during the second period, etc.

  • In accordance with the above, teachers will set an amount of daily work no more than that of a 40 minute class period on any given day (unless they would typically have a double).

  • So as to minimise the need for students to be constantly checking school email and Google Classroom, teachers will send all correspondence on any given day before 10:00am. This will assist students in planning for the day as well as minimising anxiety.

  • Students should write their daily homework into their respective journals as they would during any other school day. This will help you with time management and foster a sense of progress.

  • Students should do their best to do the work assigned and this will be factored-in moving forward upon return to normal classes.

  • It is envisaged that some teachers will be setting work for a number of days in a single correspondence while other teachers will be setting work on a near daily basis.

  • Beyond what would typically be assigned, teachers will not set extra work over the St Patrick’s Day Weekend or Easter Holidays.

  • Teachers are mindful that not all of our students have access to a laptop or computer at home.

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