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Tips and Advice for our Exam Students during Covid- 19

It's a marathon not a sprint...and you will get there!

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While this is all new to us, and unplanned, there are still a lot of things that we can do to help support our learning in the coming weeks. Here are some tips and advice to help you focus, keep those chins up and keep smiling in the face of everything smile

  1. 1. Work with what you have...

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All of our situations are different, and your teachers are extremely aware of that, so they only expect you to do what you can do. If your wifi is choppy, if you are sharing a laptop or device to access your work, or if you are helping at home, try not to let these add to your stresses. Work with what you have and let your Tutor or Year Head know what your situation is. They can offer suggestions or possibly help.

2. Routine is the key to unlocking your future success

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I once heard a TED talk given by US Navy Admiral William McRaven and he said if you want to change the world start off by making your bed. He is right it is the small steps that you do everyday that help us get where we want to go. He knew what his steps were, he planned them out and followed them everyday as his routine - this is what your study approach should be even in these times. It's the little things that help you to feel better. Set up a routine, make your bed, and keep going.

3. Go with the flow...

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You might think I am contradicting myself here, but it important that when glitches, problems, changes (postponements!) occur, that we take a breath take them in our stride and go with the flow. Worrying does not help, leave that to the powers that be, and you continue to focus on working with what you have and sticking to your routine.

4. Seek support from each other

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Girls you are the best support for each other that is possible. Remember the advice from Laura, your Head Girl, engage with each other, talk, reach out to friends, check in with each other. There is strength in unity, remember that.

5. Listen to your teachers and do what they ask!

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Nothing new here, but with Google classroom as our school day for the foreseeable, the wise words and instructions of your dedicated and caring teachers are more important than ever. Log on, collect your assignments, let your teachers know that you are engaging, email them, ask questions and submit your work any way you can. If you are in difficulty here - get in touch with us, we will help. Mrs Cunningham and Mr Fitzpatrick are in touch with you all regularly with their words of wisdom, they have told you the same!

6. A table, a chair and a break...

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Get out of bed (remember tip 2), and move to a table with a chair to do your study! It doesn't have to be a study desk in a dedicated room - many of us work from the kitchen table and that is just fine. Just make sure that you are at a table, where it is relatively quiet and set yourself up for the day. Your back and body will thank you for it. Schedule your breaks - once you have your table and your chair you must add in a break. We need it, our bodies are not machines and your brain needs to reboot throughout the day. So use the school timetable to maintain your breaks.

7. Healthy body, healthy mind

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You know the old saying you are what you eat - eat healthily, it nourishes your mind as well as your body! Ask the PE teachers, they will tell you the same! And while we are at it, exercise is vital, so log on to Joe Wicks and get moving!

8. Glass half empty or glass half full?

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This situation can take over how you feel, yes you have been hard done by, but put it in it's box. This too will pass, you are strong, resilient hard working girls - the future is yours, you are in the marathon and while the finish line has been moved, you will get there and win the race. Check out the wise words of a fellow Loreto Leaving Cert Student in Dublin

9. Be kind to yourself

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It is okay to have a wobble, we all have them, be kind to yourself - watch Mr Kelly's video and have a smile or Mr O'Toole's Mindfulness exercises to help you get back on track

10. Stick with the Game Plan

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The course is still the course, keep going over past questions and checking them against the marking schemes, note the topics you need to revise - these are all the things you would have been doing regardless, so stick with the game plan and keep going.

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