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TY 2022 Variety Show "A Little Bit of Everything"

TY 2022 Variety Show "A Little Bit of Everything"

TY Variety Show 2022

This year TYs hosted an amazing show full of talent and comedy called “A Little Bit of Everything” on May 4th & 5th. There were all kinds of acts showcasing the wonderful talents of our TY students - from dancing to singing and even a return of Sirlife! Every TY student took part and contributed to making the show a huge success. We had stage help, presenters, writers and the chaotic backstage crew! Everyone had great fun and enjoyed the whole journey together. Here are some amazing photos that TYs and teachers took on the two nights.

Many thanks to Mr Heraty, Ms Maguire & Ms Patton and Ms Carroll.

Maebh, Julie & Lauren - Newgrange

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