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Metanoia & Mindfulness 365

Metanoia & Mindfulness 365

Metanoia & Mindfulness 365

Are you Confused? Self-conscious?, Sad?, Angry?, Grieving?, Stuck?, or simply just Lost as a result of missing out on two vital years of your life since March 2020? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Many of us both young and old are experiencing self-doubt and uncertainty since the Covid-19 pandemic. There seems to be an increase in the amount of people experiencing grief, loss, sickness, economic uncertainty and feelings of isolation. Wearing the facemask, for example, has created a new anxiety where so many feel they have lost their voice, experience doubt, have high anxiety and uncertainty about the future, and of course now that they’re no longer mandatory, whether we should continue to wear them even though the majority don't anymore. This is a confusing time for us all.

Each and everyone of us in the Loreto community have experienced grief and lost somebody, whether that be family members, neighbours, teachers, friends, pets or somebody in our community since the world went into lockdown 2 years ago. Most people have also experienced loss at some stage, perhaps this was a lost opportunity to go on a school trip or a family holiday. But nobody is talking about the everyday moments you missed out on, such as; meeting new friends in school or meeting up with friends outside of school at the weekend, moving from classroom to classroom during the day, owning and taking responsibility for a locker, laughing, dancing, hugging, sharing a pen, playing sports, Etc. and these feelings of loss can lead to emotions like anger, sadness, confusion and frustration. It is important for you to know that these feelings are valid and you are not alone. This is where Metanoia & Mindfulness 365 comes in to help you understand them.

Metanoia comes from ancient Greek meaning ‘change of mind and change of heart’ in a positive way. Many people use the word to inspire them with the renewed belief that God is there guiding and supporting each of us on the journey of life. This post-pandemic support group will make use of scripture, mindfulness and meditation, and we will focus on the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit to help us deal with the grief, loss and trauma suffered both during and as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic. We can strive to be reflective, supportive and encouraging to each other, while learning new coping skills that can be used and applied to our lives 365 days per year.

All members of each faith, worldview and none are welcome to come and join this support group as Metanoia is a message of hope and that is you don’t need to be alone. We will use the elements of The Holy Spirit such as; love, joy, peace, patience, generosity and kindness to find our inner strength while we meet and learn from each other as we talk about our feelings of grief and loss.

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