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Mental Health Week Activities - Mind over Matter 4th October 2021

Mental Health Week Activities - Mind over Matter 4th October 2021

As part of our Mental Health Week activities, all Sixth Year classes had a session on Monday 4th 0ctober with clinical hypnotherapist Derek O Boyle, from Mind Over Matter, (website : mindovermatter.ie)

The theme of the session was Making Your Mind Your Best Friend.

Derek began by chatting with the students for 15-20mins about:

  1. how their minds work.
  2. how they process information, stress and anxiety.
  3. moving through Strive and Thrive mode (and the impact of stress on same)
  4. breathing techniques to assist in moving their minds back to thrive mode (for exams/study/every day)
  5. the importance of being the gate-keeper of their thoughts - where your mind goes, your body follows!

Derek then worked with the students on a few fun exercises to demonstrate how their minds can impact their reality and physical state.

Finally, the girls finished off the session with a 15 minute relaxation exercise.

Many thanks to Derek for coming into school today to work with the girls. The students found it thoroughly enjoyable and extremely useful.

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