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CAO Acceptance Process

The Offer and Acceptance Process from CAO on Vimeo
  1. View Offers Online via "My Application" on www.cao.ie
  2. Check your email - there will be an email from CAO whether you have got an offer or not
  3. Read the email carefully and inform CAO of any errors or omissions - separate emails will issue in respect of Level 8 offers and level 7/6 offers
  4. Watch the CAO video - linked below, which will explain the whole process
  5. Accept your offer by the Reply Date - 3pm - 16th September
  6. Check once you have accepted that you get an email from CAO acknowledging your acceptance
  7. Available Place will be open from Monday 14th September with courses that still have available places and which you can apply to now
  8. There will be further rounds of offers and you may get offered a place if you are deemed eligible in one of the further rounds
  9. If you accept a place the HEI offering the place will be in touch with you
Leaving Cert Results Guide

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CAO Round 1 offers will be released at 2pm on Friday the 11th of September, 2020.

Once students receive their offers, some will accept them straight away, while others will take a little time to consider them.

Remember that you have until 3pm on Wednesday the 16th of September to accept your Round 1 offer. Accepting Your Offer Offers will be issue to students through their online CAO profile. To access their offers, students will need their CAO application number and their account password. Once you have entered these details, simply follow the instructions on the CAO website, working through each page to the end of the process. You will then have an option to print a receipt. Applicants are always advised to keep a copy of their acceptance.

Note: If you are unavailable to do this for any reason, you should designate a trusted family member to respond on your behalf, to avoid losing the place you have been offered. See the CAO's video on the Offer and Acceptance Process

FAQs - See FAQs here Can I accept a Round One offer while also planning an appeal of LC Exam scripts in the hope of being upgraded to a higher course choice?

Yes, a Round One offer can be accepted and later superseded by taking up a later offer arising out of a successful appeal.

What if I don't accept any offers I received in Round One?

If an offer is not accepted by 3pm on Wednesday the 16th of September , the CAO assumes that the applicant will not be accepting that offer and the places are passed on to the next eligible candidates during Round 2.

I'm hoping to receive a higher offer in Round Two

Offers are made at Round Two only if there are places on a particular course that remain unfilled after Round One.

There is no guarantee that a place will become available. Applicants should therefore view their Round One offer as the only offer they will receive and make their decision on this basis.

If a place becomes available in Round Two on a course that you had listed as a higher preference, (and if you are next in line in the CAO system), you will receive another offer, regardless of whether or not you have accepted a place in Round One.

You can then choose to stay with your original offer, or accept the new offer. (There is no fee for accepting a CAO offer).

The CAO will communicate your acceptance to the college, and the college will then contact you with arrangements for starting the course.

Dates for CAO Offers:

See all CAO Key Dates here. See our LC Guide - Understanding CAO Offers here.

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